Weaving Threads of Beauty

Book Project

Discussing CoCreation is all well and good but to really know about something we need to experience it for ourselves.

This book project provides an experience of CoCreation instead of an explanation. The project started in January 2021, the group of six authors hold regular “Insight and Progress” events for anyone wishing to find out about what the group has discovered along the way.



You can join us for the journey to create a book in multiple languages and delivered in many different mediums at the same time. Sign up for our newsletter or register for a “Insight and Progress” event below. 

Six Authors

Lise Damkjaer

Cosmic Door Opener

Lise is a cosmic door opener. She connects with cosmos, with God.  She receives love and joy from above and with her bliss and stillness, she allows everybody to go with the flow. No hard work, only love and ease

Joanna Staniszewska

Mapper of New Terrain

Freedom seeker, soul follower, edge walker, joyful being explorer.

Sarah Stanyer

Weaver of Golden Threads of Love

A joyfully brave weaver of the golden threads of love. Sending waves of comfort, ease and colour. Bringer of light and love to weary travellers, who in stillness, may feel her loving arms wrapped around them. May hear her gently whisper “you are never alone”.

Morya Short

Chief Joy Officer

Morya is Chief Joy Officer for Fabric of Life, she runs online and live events usually on topics such as curiosity, joy and love.

Christine Samuel


Christine is a curious explorer who finds delight in experiencing the unknown and sharing her learning with others. She enjoys creating a nurturing space for others to connect with their inner wisdom through coaching, training and facilitation.

Evita La Evide

Speaker for LIFE

Luminous silence swimmer, harvester of insights from the multiverse.



CoCreative Writing
Morya Short

Words that Obscure

Education, politics, the world of work, and many other aspects of modern life can leave us feeling overwhelmed. So many theories, so many complex interactions it seems a if we need to be experts to make a difference in the world. We need to have studied complexity theory, understood the dynamics of the complex integrated world we live in. On

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CoCreative Writing

Go beyond language!

You were looking for a word some days ago…., how can you express “to get serious” with something when you are in a light field? The word serious seems to have upset your energy and made you heavy, right?  It is not the word in itself. Words does not really have meaning. They get the meaning you attribute them. It is

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CoCreative Writing
Morya Short

Writing from the Soul

Describing this type of writing is difficult, not everyone believes there is such a thing as a soul. Nevertheless many people, regardless of the word they use to describe this ephemeral aspect of people, agree there are hidden deeps in us all that we can reach if we are patient and trust the process. In our CoCreative writing project, hidden

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