Inspiration & Longings


Driven by needs, deadlines and the boss, are well worn ideas about what motivates us. We think there is a better way. When we understand our inspirations and longings we can create guiding questions that will allow us to use our curiosity to gentle map new territory.

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What is an Exploration?

Often when we intend to bring a group of people together to discover more about a particular topic, we describe the event as a course, workshop or training. Here at the Fabric of Life, as you might expect, we do things differently. We don’t run courses or workshops, we offer exploration or discovery journeys. These explorations or discovery journeys are

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Curiosity Map
Curiosity Mapping
Morya Short

Curiosity Maps

A curiosity map is what you might expect it to be – a series of related questions a person uses to coddiwomple to their destination.  A curiosity map is a wonderful tool for CoCreations, but perhaps surprisingly a project team of 5 people don’t have one map but 5. Each person in a CoCreative project has their own map. So

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CoCreative Writing
Morya Short

Words that Obscure

Education, politics, the world of work, and many other aspects of modern life can leave us feeling overwhelmed. So many theories, so many complex interactions it seems a if we need to be experts to make a difference in the world. We need to have studied complexity theory, understood the dynamics of the complex integrated world we live in. On

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