A curiosity map is what you might expect it to be – a series of related questions a person uses to coddiwomple to their destination. 

A curiosity map is a wonderful tool for CoCreations, but perhaps surprisingly a project team of 5 people don’t have one map but 5.

Each person in a CoCreative project has their own map. So how does the group travel? here are some ideas we are exploring:

1. Each person creates their map so that they can connect their questions to a core question that relates to their life rather than the project. From there, they can map out questions that relate to how to work they are doing links back to their personal central question.

2. Sharing their map in the group allows each member the opportunity to share inspiration and other questions. It is a way the group can help each other dream bigger for the project and for their central inquiry.

3. Rippling celebration. Understanding the central questions for each member of the team, allows the group to celebrate the smallest insight or accomplishment for themselves, the project and each person. 

4. Measure the love – how shiny is it? Curiosity maps are created using guiding questions, inspirations to act and longings. While the end product might be a book, the accomplishments along the way are the prizes.