Being Human – a game for reflection together


Aug 31 2021


18:00 - 20:00



Wisdom is listening. Listening to ourselves, to each other and listening to what wants to emerge. We meet on zoom and let the game Being Human make us reflect on what’s important to us. We pick questions – weird and deep questions – reflect and help each other to reflect. In a nice and cosy session – I guess we will be both crying and laughing.

The game is developed by Lise Damkjaer.

What People are Saying
This game is revolutionary! I highly recommend it for individuals and teams.
Random or magic? Those who played know how it feels to be addressed in a metaphysical way. When right after question goes down veil of sensations, faded associations and feeling of mysterious connection.


  • Lise Damkjaer
    Lise Damkjaer
    Cosmic Door Opener

    Lise is a cosmic door opener. She connects with cosmos, with God. She is noticing what happens inside. She receives love and joy from above and with her bliss and stillness, she allows everybody to go with the flow. Lise recently gave up her consultancy title to enjoy LIFE and fulfill, what wants to emerge. She open doorways for those who wish to take spectacular inner journeys. No hard work, only love and ease.

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