CoCreative Book Project – Insights and Progress


Aug 19 2021


18:00 - 20:00



Our CoCreative Book Project kicked off in January 2021. It promised to be an amazing and deeply learning experience for all, I think all six authors would agree that it has surpassed all expectations, 7 months into the project. In this August “Insights and Progress” session, we will provide a progress update and share our insights on:

“Working” in a Group

Each meeting we learn something new about CoCreating. Come along in August to find out what we have learnt about “creative unease,” Discovery and Exploration.

Insights from our Progress

The simultaneous creation of a book in multiple languages and multiple perspectives is a new approach to building content, creating and sharing insights. From the beginning of the project we have avoided trying to “stuff” the creative process into a project plan. We have been determined to let the project flow rather then drag ourselves from milestone to milestone. So what do we use to measure progress? Join us in August to find our more about our progress and how we spot the difference between being in flow and drifting.

What people are saying ...
This project is inspiring and following their progress over the last 7 months has been a journey in itself.
CJO, Fabric of Life


  • Christine Samuel
    Christine Samuel

    Christine is a curious explorer who finds delight in experiencing the unknown and sharing her learning with others. She enjoys creating a nurturing space for others to connect with their inner wisdom through coaching, training and facilitation.

  • Joanna Staniszewska
    Joanna Staniszewska
    Mapper of New Terrain

    Freedom seeker, soul follower, edge walker, joyful being explorer.

  • Lise Damkjaer
    Lise Damkjaer
    Cosmic Door Opener

    Lise is a cosmic door opener. She connects with cosmos, with God. She is noticing what happens inside. She receives love and joy from above and with her bliss and stillness, she allows everybody to go with the flow. Lise recently gave up her consultancy title to enjoy LIFE and fulfill, what wants to emerge. She open doorways for those who wish to take spectacular inner journeys. No hard work, only love and ease.

  • Morya Short
    Morya Short
    Chief Joy Officer

    Morya is Chief Joy Officer for Fabric of Life, she runs online and live events usually on topics such as curiosity, joy and love.

  • Sarah Stanyer
    Sarah Stanyer
    Weaver of golden threads of love

    A joyfully brave weaver of the golden threads of love. Sending waves of comfort, ease and colour. Bringer of light and love to weary travellers, who in stillness, may feel her loving arms wrapped around them. May hear her gently whisper “you are never alone”.

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