Beyond Collaboration

Fabric of Life Cocreating

CoCreating in the Fabric of Life takes us to place that is beyond collaboration. While collaboration focuses on team members working well together online and offline, CoCreating starts with team members considering the “space” in them from which they create. A collaborating team often count hours worked, milestones reached and deadlines. 

A CoCreative team measures success & progress in clarity, love, truth and beauty. 

A CoCreative team is not just working together they are weaving the threads of LIFE.

Get Involved...

Our CoCreative Book Project kicked off in January. In this project we will write in multiple languages simultaneously. You can join the project as a pre-reader or attend “insights” events.

Don’t have enough time for the book project? Join is as we CoCreate an anthology of short stories and articles. CoCreative Writing Events are running regularly for the next six months. 

Curiosity is our greatest ally when it comes to creating the world our heart knows is possible. Join a Curiosity Mapping session to see to experience using curiosity as a guide.

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Curiosity Map
Curiosity Mapping
Morya Short

Curiosity Maps

A curiosity map is what you might expect it to be – a series of related questions a person uses to coddiwomple to their destination.  A curiosity map is a wonderful tool for CoCreations, but perhaps surprisingly a project team of 5 people don’t have one map but 5. Each person in a CoCreative project has their own map. So how does the group travel? here are some ideas we are exploring: 1. Each person creates their map so that they can connect their questions to a core question that relates to their life rather than the project. From there,

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CoCreative Writing
Morya Short

Words that Obscure

Education, politics, the world of work, and many other aspects of modern life can leave us feeling overwhelmed. So many theories, so many complex interactions it seems a if we need to be experts to make a difference in the world. We need to have studied complexity theory, understood the dynamics of the complex integrated world we live in. On one level perhaps that is true but our theory here at the fabric of Life is that it is actually much simpler than we believe to make a better world.

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CoCreative Writing

Go beyond language!

You were looking for a word some days ago…., how can you express “to get serious” with something when you are in a light field? The word serious seems to have upset your energy and made you heavy, right?  It is not the word in itself. Words does not really have meaning. They get the meaning you attribute them. It is true that some languages are closer to true vibration than others, and that some languages “have gotten lost in translation”.  You attribute value/energy to words. That is also held in mass consciousness by the masses. You could, if you wish,

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