Stay Curious!

Stay Curious…is the answer to my question “I wonder how this will work?“. The question is automatically changed to “I wonder how this will flow?“. Stay Curious!

To be curious about life and how life will flow around, through or about something seems to be key. Not to have preconceived ideas. Not to hold any “right” answer before it has happened. I guess one of the more difficult things in today’s society as we are so “trained” to know the answers – to have the right answers and to do the “right” things according to frameworks that no longer serves us, or in part are outdated.

My biggest question right now is “how can I retain my sense of nothingness and at the same time also be out in the world among a lot of people?” Stay curious! Be open in every moment to receive. Be empty of ideas and solutions knowing that that is not the point. The point is to dis-cover new areas and new ways to receive creation – stay curious. The answer to ALL QUESTIONS is to stay curious and to receive that which is flowing in the moment.

You have your intention to “fall back on”. Trust that life will present itself aligned with your intention and in ways which serves the light and development for all. Stay curious, stay in the wonder of life.

To abandon “solutions” as the final answer for everything is to open for the beauty of the ever changing life. It is the possibility to sense the flow, to be the flow in every moment. As the moment is going into the next moment, so are you, and you are flowing with every expression of life. Be curious!