Allowing, Unfolding and Goals

The paradox of a destination without a particular need for motivation is a core area of investigation for a joy journey project. As we discover how to “get things” done in new ways without the tension created by “needs.” What we do have is “wants” which might seem like the same as a need but the difference is subtle yet powerful. A “need” brings with it the tension of having to have and suffering if that need is not fulfilled. In comparison a want is a desire that would be nice but is not a necessity and so can be let go of easily or at least not turn into a burden if the want is not received as it has been envisaged.

Creating with ease is a goal of our co-creative work – this statement is appealing and repulsive at the same time. Seems like it would be great to create with ease but there are entrenched ideas that must be dissolving before that can happen:

One idea that comes to mind when thinking about creating with ease is “nothing worthwhile comes without struggle.” Perhaps this can be reframed by defining struggle differently? Riding the paradoxes until a new clarity is formed could be described as “struggle.” or perhaps use Carol Dweck’s description of the “glorious struggle” which is the enjoyable sensation of digging in and discovering deeper layers of understanding, filled with “aha” moments and beautiful insights.

“No pain, no gain” is another idea that requires us to suffer in order to make progress. This could perhaps be removed as an idea in its entirety. In lots of ways it never really made sense. Lots of things are gained without “pain.”

Another common idea that requires us to avoid ease is, “Things that come easily have little substance.” When things come easily it is sometimes difficult to notice how important they are to the larger goal. If things just turn up it’s easy to see them as not part of the goal you are striving for because no striving was involved. Also if there is little clarity about what the end goal is – ie it’s part of an exercise in allowing and unfolding, it can be easy to overlook something’s relevance.

How can we create something that has even substance to start creating it’s on gravity. Something that is “weight” without being so serious and heavy that we can not use joy to navigate it’s unfolding?

Perhaps we can use emotions to connect lightly with whatever turns up. Is the event or idea enlivening? Does it make you feel excited or drained? Our project might in this case be less about creating a project plan with milestones in the traditional sense and more about creating a an emotion map, with a description of how we want to feel as the goal, then other feelings as subgoals. Activities that we know create such feelings might then be markers along the way.