What is an Exploration?

Often when we intend to bring a group of people together to discover more about a particular topic, we describe the event as a course, workshop or training. Here at the Fabric of Life, as you might expect, we do things differently. We don’t run courses or workshops, we offer exploration or discovery journeys.

These explorations or discovery journeys are primarily about experiencing ideas, feelings or innovative thinking rather than simply being “taught” about them. Explorations do not include teaching or training, rather they honour each person’s sovereignty and validates their experience.

In an exploration participants share what we already know. We use what we have shared to articulate the ideas we will consciously let go off or challenge in the next step of the exploration. We build a clear picture of the known, which we use as a collective platform to embark on the next level of exploration.

What to expect when you join an exploration journey:

  • A place like “home” full of openness, acceptance and unconditional positive regard.
  • A space to share your most authentic selves.
  • A space in which your curiosity is invited to run wild.
  • A journey where you can share what you “know” and then let it go (at least for a while) so you can explore unhampered by bagage.
  • Explore free from “old” ideas.
  • Support to turn new ideas and “aha” moments into practical plans that build new habits from epiphanies.